Welcome to Maada Consulting & Analytics, a consulting firm dedicated to elevating individual and organizational results through smarter decision-making. This mission is fulfilled across three platforms -- consulting, thought leadership, and causes.

Independent: Not affiliated with any ongoing software or information solutions, which means that its advice is un-biased.

Capability-Focused: Only provides solutions that can be maintained by clients after engagement. Prefers engagements that contribute to a value transformation journey, not just one-off projects.

Analytics + Experience: Respects the experience of client and introduces data and analysis that updates it, not replaces it.

Cross-Functional: Approaches pricing as a cross-functional, team effort due to decentralized decision-making in most organizations and because doing so improves outcomes and internal alignment.

Thought Leadership is David Duncombe’s academic platform.  It spans the fields of marketing strategy, political economy, and data analytics with a focus on how these interact to improve social welfare.  It hosts David’s course materials, writings, and links to other academic and consulting resources.  It also hosts tools for use in classrooms and consulting workshops.

Maada Consulting & Analytics is a consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations elevate their results through smarter pricing. This platform hosts more information about the firm’s services and what differentiates it.

David Duncombe is the founder of Maada Consulting and Analytics. He acquired his pricing expertise while working with a number of top-ranked consulting & marketing research firms to introduce best practices for pricing and trade optimization into Kimberly-Clark. He also currently teaches marketing strategy in the University of Wisconsin system.

Causes provides information about the educational efforts in West Africa and the Caribbean supported by David, his family, and Maada Consulting & Analytics.