Maada Consulting & Analytics (pronounced Ma-da) is a boutique consulting firm. It understands that setting the right price for one’s products and services is difficult because the process involves many decision-makers and variables. The firm is therefore dedicated to the idea that sustained delivery of top- and bottom-line growth through smarter pricing practices cannot come from one-off price-setting efforts or big data analytics alone.  Smarter pricing requires the changing of mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets across multiple processes, functions, and people. It also requires that the data and models supplement intuition and experience, not replace them. Maada Consulting and Analytics offers a wide-range of pricing-related services with a unique approach.  It works for only a few, select clients who want to elevate the results of their pricing, promotions, and product development decisions on a sustainable basis.  For them, the firm will be a smart, independent, empathetic partner, whose only focus is to contribute to their success.  ​


Maada Consulting & Analytics is a boutique firm with unique capabilities and perspective.  Click here to see if these are the differences that you are looking for in a partner for your pricing journey.


Maada Consulting & Analytics can provide a range of price-related services to both solve immediate problems and build capabilities for sustained results enhancement.  Click here to explore common problems that organizations face and how Maada Consulting & Analytics can help.

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Maada Consulting & Analytics approaches problem-solving with a strong sense of mission, beliefs, and values   Click here to learn more about these.