• Guidelines
  • Trade funding
  • Monitoring metrics


  • Individualized consulting/advising
  • Process mapping
  • Skillset training
  • Information flow
  • Business intelligence 
  • ​Change management


  • Internal capability assessments
  • Environmental trends
  • Consumer and retailer trends
  • SWOT analyses
  • Post-plan evaluations
  • Trends dashboards

Maada Consulting & Analytics understands that setting the right price for products and services is difficult because it involves many decision-makers and variables. The firm is therefore dedicated to the idea that sustained delivery of topline and bottom-line growth through smarter pricing practices cannot come from one-off price-setting efforts or big data analytics alone. Smarter pricing requires the changing of mindsets, skill sets, and toolsets across multiple processes, functions, and people. It also requires that the data and models supplement intuition and experience, not replace it.  Maada Consulting and Analytics can help clients achieve a sustainable improvements in business results though a wide-range of pricing-focused services.

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Operational planning

  • Target retail price curves & ranges
  • List price curves & trade budgets
  • Promotional tactical plans
  • Cross-functional alignment
  • Customer planning

Services -- what we do


  • Claims
  • Negotiations



Strategic planning

  • Objectives alignment
  • Segmentation/targeting
  • Price/value positioning
  • Product plan alignment
  • Channel strategies
  • Promotion strategies